BIOR 2018

March 2 - 4, 2018 at AYANA Resort Bali

OPHTHALMOLOGY and MORE with captivating World Class Guest Speakers from outside the profession and a renowned Ophthalmologist Faculty

About Us

The Bali International Ophthalmology Review (BIOR) is an international event for Ophthalmologists providing rich Scientific Sessions and Workshops from a renowned Ophthalmologist faculty as well as distinguished special guest speakers from outside the profession. Since its successful launch in 2008, BIOR has established itself for quality, excellence, and professionalism.

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Guest Speakers

In our tradition of inviting world renowned guest speakers from outside our profession, we are pleased to announce we will have the pleasure of two outstanding special guest speakers at BIOR 2018.

Prof. Louise Leakey
Guest Speaker
University of Stony Brook, New York and Turkana Basin Institute, Kenya

Prof. Louise Leakey's presentation at BIOR will be on the topic of "Origins of Man".Prof. Louise Leakey is a Research Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Stony Brook in New York, and is also a Director of the Turkana Basin Institute, a major centre for human origins research in northern Kenya. She is a Ph.D. graduate of University College London. A fourth-generation Kenyan, Louise Leakey has upheld the Leakey family legacy in the field of Paleoanthropology through continuing...

Prof. Scott O'Neill
Guest Speaker
Monash University, Australia

Prof. Scott O'Neill's presentation at BIOR will be on the topic "Latest Update on Eliminate Dengue Program (EDP) in Yogyakarta".Prof. Scott O’Neill is the Dean of Science at Monash University and a Professor in the School of Biological Sciences. He obtained his PhD in Entomology from The University of Queensland and has spent his academic career at the University of Illinois, Yale University, University of Queensland and Monash University. Prof. O’Neill’s research interests are in the area of insect...

Prof. Ferenc Kuhn will be retiring from Ophthalmology, and we are deeply honored that he has chosen BIOR 2018 to give his final lecture before enjoying retirement.
Prof. Ferenc Kuhn
Honorary Speaker
Helen Keller Foundation for Research and Education, USA

Prof. Ferenc Kuhn, M.D., Ph.D., is Director of Research of the Helen Keller Foundation for Research and Education, Birmingham, Alabama, USA. He has served as Associate Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Alabama and a number of prestigious positions in Europe. In addition to specializing in the management of vitreoretinal diseases, Prof. Kuhn’s main interest has been the epidemiology and treatment of ocular trauma, for which he is an internationally acknowledged authority. He is a member of over 20 national and international societies and...